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Coach Charlotte

Coach Charlotte, Coach Sus, and Coach Scott

Why do you coach?

I absolutely LOVE getting people excited about a NEW SPORT, for me 9 years ago, that was TRIATHLON.  I believe we are all athletes at heart...some of us just haven't found our sport.  I love that Triathlon creates a culture where everyone has to start somewhere, everyone has a weakness and strength, and everyone cheers each other on to the same end goal. 

What is your primary philosophy of coaching?  


I believe everyone is so different.  I've been with coaches that have cookie cutter approaches to training plans.  I've been with a coach that knows how to write a very specific and tailored to me plan.  I know that not everything works for everyone the same way...if it did, we would all be on the same plan with that one coach that had the magic formula.  I like trying out new plans and new ideas with different athletes.  It's all about finding out what works for your athlete and making them the strongest and best athlete they can be.  

Why are you different than other coaches?  


I'm REAL.  I understand hectic schedules and know how to make it work.  I am fabulous at FINDING A WAY when you don't think it's possible!  I believe everyone can STRIVE for GREATNESS with a schedule that works.  I'm all about getting as much done in as little time as possible.  PICK a GOAL and knock it out! I believe in being very intentional with your workouts.  Finding your weakness and honing in on it.  If you are a WEAK swimmer, we need to get to the POOL...get some video...figure out what is going form first...add distance and yardage later.  

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