Why do I coach?


It is no small feat to get from the start to finish line of a race and that feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming. I feel everybody deserves to experience that feeling and I want to help get them there. To me coaching isn't just about the workouts, but about the coach-athlete relationship that is built and the confidence the athlete gains as training progresses.

What is my Primary Philosophy of Coaching?


"You are what you want to be." I am a firm believer no matter the discipline you are working on, your mindset is the difference between achieving the goals you lay for yourself and not. No matter your strength or weakness, you have to wake up on a long run day and say today I am a runner, or today I will be a swimmer or a cyclist.

Why are you different than other coaches?


I put my heart into everything I do; training, racing, my furfamily, and my athletes. I have been in the world of triathlon for 3 years, during which I have found the half-iron distance to be my absolute favorite. Since the start triathlon has taken over my life, I wake up way too early to train before work and walk my dogs. My husband is a triathlete as well and I don't think a day goes by we do not discuss a workout, racing, or the mental side of the sport. Having a degree from Texas A&M in Nutritional Sciences has ingrained in me eating consciously, thinking about the effects my meal will have on my next workout. Being an athlete before a coach has given me a good idea of what I would look for in my coach. It is very important to me that I be the coach that I would want when working with each of my athletes. I am always seeking advice and looking to learn more about the ever evolving athletic world we work in. I have also been down the road of injuries and I have learned how to go about preventing them and how to come back from them. I feel it is crucial to work closely with an athlete to adjust their schedule to work around their daily life, while also making it possible for them to get the results they are looking for.