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Coach Scott

Coach Scott at ITU Long Course Worlds

Why do you coach?

I love the look on an athlete’s face when they achieve a goal they’ve diligently been working towards.  Even better is the look on their face when they achieve something they didn’t think possible.  Every athlete has dreams of what they want to accomplish.  Those dreams are great motivators for me as a coach.

What is your primary philosophy of coaching?

Efficiency and effectiveness.  Most athletes have a certain amount of time they can train scattered in between life commitments.  My job is to take each individual athlete’s available time and make the most efficient and effective use of it.  To seamlessly make a quality, effective plan slide into the athlete’s life.

Why are you different than other coaches?

I am not the most naturally gifted endurance athlete.  My genetics are more suited to power lifting than long course triathlon.  Every accomplishment I have ever achieved in this sport has come from squeezing every ounce of speed out of what I have.  All the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years is passed along to my athletes and utilized in building training plans.  Also my athletes are family.  I will not take on an athlete if I am not willing to welcome them in to my family.

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