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Coach Ryan


Why do I coach?

I want to inspire people. Inspire people to get out of their comfort zone. Inspire people to be passionate about our sport. Helping someone accomplish something they only ever dreamed of might be the most rewarding thing ever. 

What is my Primary Philosophy of Coaching?

Create structure and motivate. I think making a training plan is different for each athlete. Getting to know the athlete and finding out what works for them is key. Motivation is a great thing. Finding different ways to motivate and encourage people is something I strongly believe in. Mixing their plan with their life is as important as the training.

Why are you different than other coaches?


I spent my childhood playing sports. Then I made some different choices. I smoked and drank for 25 years before I finally stopped smoking. That was way harder than anything I’ve ever done. Including Ironman. I want people to know that it can be done. You can change. I’ve succeeded in triathlon and I have failed. I want to use my experience of that journey to help other people make that journey. 

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