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Youth Triathlon Team

At Journey Multisport we love coaching youth athletes.  Each of the coaches has been coaching kids for a minimum of 5 years.  Our kids program is designed to nurture the athlete's love of the sport while giving them the skills to excel in the sport.  Our athletes work HARD and have FUN.  We race for the love of the sport because it's about the Journey not necessarily the destination.


Each athlete will receive 1 on 1 coaching to help achieve their individual goals in the sport.  This will consist of:

  • Training Peaks account to relay workouts customized to each athlete

  • Consistent feedback from coaches to parent and/or athlete as to performance and goals.

  • Ability to adjust schedule same day when “life” gets in the way.

  • Access to all group sessions during the year.

  • General race day hydration/nutrition and strategy coaching.

  • Discounted entry to any/all Journey Multisport Camps

  • Race Day support at races targeted by Journey Multisport

We will have 3-4 coached practices a week.  Team workouts will change as the seasons and our athletes school commitments change.  Training sessions will include days on the trainer, brick rides out of Hockley Community Center, track workouts, trail runs, team pool sessions, and open water swims.  All workouts will be coached by at least one Elite Team Coach.  

Cost:  $200 Start up fee (Includes trucker/visor, podium shirt, custom kit) and $150 per month of training.

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