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Single Sport Coaching

We realize that single sport athletes are just as passionate if not more so than our multisport athletes, so why shouldn't they receive the same benefits?  Again our single sport programs are based in science with a few of the tricks of the trade we've picked up along the way mixed in.

Single sport one-on-one coaching service offers:

  • Dedicated coach to work with the athlete on a day-to-day basis

  • Initial meeting to get to know you and your goals

  • Detailed individualized workouts to fit your goals, races, available time, and fitness level.

  • Unlimited ongoing communication via phone, email, etc.

  • Access to the private Journey Multisport Forum on Facebook

  • Race execution plans for “A” events and unlimited discussion during race week

  • Specific assistance on race fueling and mental approaches to training and racing

  • Swim stroke analysis and run analysis either in person or via video as needed

  • One-on-one technique sessions

  • Discounts on Journey Multisport camps

Single sport coaching is $100/month.   Contact us below for more information

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